Adult Fiction for YA Readers by Shannon Nemer

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Despite the recent attention focused on naysayers, I’m firmly in the camp that we should read what appeals to us, regardless of the age it was intended for. Still, I often hear readers who focus mainly on YA expressing an interest in adult fiction and looking for recommendations. In hopes of broadening horizons, I’m turning my attention to recent books with themes that mirror YA novels and would make for a good transition into the world of adult fiction. 


Lexicon by Max Barry
Words are weapons that can be used to persuade in this alternate version of the United States, where gifted “poets” use language to unlock the minds of others.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
After fourteen year-old June loses her favorite uncle to a new illness, a mysterious man she meets at his funeral helps her heal.

Shotgun Lovesongs by…

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This reminds me of, and I had to reread

I Ziyana Jackson am reading this book called Hush Little Baby. The book reminds me of when I was  the age of ten. There was this lady that came to my mothers house to get her hair done and she had her child with her. I went to help here out of the car to get her child, and when she came inside she put the child down so that I could hold her. Next thing I had known the mother had left to go to the store and she never came back until a week after, so I had to take care of the child like she was my own. when the mom came back I had asked her “why did you “do that and she stated that she was frustrated and need to get away and get her self together. Therefore I didn’t like how the situation went down but I had to deal with it an become mature and take the responsibility and step up to the plate. Yes, there were times when I couldn’t go to sleep and there were times were I could but either way it goes I have became something in life and that is what made me what I am today. The part I had to go back and reread was when she had said that the mother had just left the child at her house without any food, clothes, or any feminine things to get cleaned up with. I thought she was just playing a joke but I guess not so that is a little preview on the book I’m reading at this point


The book that I am reading is Story Time. What’s going in my book right about now is Kate and her uncle George is now being giving a chance to go to this big school that is all about high test scores. Kate does not want to go to that school because she wants to stay at her school she is attending right now. She wants to because she going to get the part in her school play. I predict that she is going to get mad because she did not get the part in her school play, and she is going to decide to go to that big school and then I think she is going to hate it and tell her mom to put her back in her old school, that is my prediction on the book I am reading.

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The book that i have was Story Time by Edward Bloor. this book is talking about these kids going to this school and the school; is  more worried about the kids making the highest score on the test in the whole nation The kids are being force- fed the lessons and they are planing a way to get out of going to school..